2009-11-18 13:07:36 by SuperAscendedZAIN

Well, my 2nd flash has been sent tot the scrap bin for a while, since i lost all inspiration on it, and such. Made a short lil one, its out now, and i'm working on several new ones. The new ones will be cutscenes from my new upcoming game "Spirit Masters" The game wont be done in flash though, that'll be done via a different language :) Anyways, if you're reading this, thanks for reading. Within the next year or so i should have a cutscene out. Look forward to it :)

Update, again?

2008-05-23 02:19:21 by SuperAscendedZAIN

Alright, So, I've been working on this new movie, and its been awesome. Then i hit a creative snag, an my brain cries for help. Then when i get help, my mind freaks out, cause i cant draw worth crap. Well, I dun think tis good anyways. In any case, I have deided that I will get this done by June 12 2008. Look forward to it, because I honestly think it'll be kinda big, If i get it done right. Then again, maybe it'll just barely pass. Who knows right?

New Flash

2007-08-24 02:36:51 by SuperAscendedZAIN

Hey all, Just making a post that says I'll be making another flash really soon. Actually its under the works right now. Its another music video, but with a majorly different feel to it this time. I dont want to let TOO many secrets out yet, but its certainly going to be awesome. `till then, Thanks for visiting, and be sure to check out my First finished flash, Here on newgrounds. 500 Miles. :D